My Journey to Finding Significance

Pastor Wayne W. Carey B.CM M.CC NPCM

I believe that every human being on planet Earth was created to be a part of a Resolution Mechanism. When this is realized, the true leader emerges and your significance is born. (Wayne W. Carey)

I ask myself several questions about starting my blog; What would I write about? What would be my niche? How effective are you going to be? What will be the difference of your blog compared to other blogs? To be honestly speaking or writing, I was unsure about those questions. However, I’m hoping that through my blog, my transparency would be seen and the world becomes familiar with Wayne W. Carey. My wife, Genice J. Cooper-Carey, my two adorable sons, Earvin-Wayne Roland Carey who is named after Earvin Magic Johnson, he also carries my name Wayne and my father’s name Roland and Police Constable 4253 Denzel Johnson my eldest son who God gave to me. I love his humility and his discipline, he is becoming a great man.

In my blogs I will be writing on Relationships, Family, Organizational Leadership, Parenting, Youth, Self- Esteem, Self- Confidence, Business, Mediation, Motivational, and Inspirational articles.

I wanted to share my story initially with you about my journey of finding my own significance. In the next several weeks, I will be sharing with you 15 essentials for helping teens and young adults find significance. In reading my blogs in the next several weeks, I am hoping that my readers experience three things concerning these articles.

  1. They will end their search and become resolve in their life mission.
  2. Have a deep down within the soul belief in their value and worth.
  3. Develop a winning attitude to succeed.

In this article you will find the call, the pit, the search and the breakthrough that I experienced in my life. I am so excited about this journey that I am about to embark on, and I want to share every moment with you. Lets go and grow together.

At four years old I am walking to school and occasionally I would feel a presence that would accompany me. As I am walking, I would feel goose pimples all over my body and while having this experience I would just cry and say “Mommy.” I never understood what was happening until I was 21 years old when the Lord brought to my remembrance what I am sharing with you now. As I was sharing my faith with some colleagues, I felt the same presence that accompanied me as a child while walking to School. The Spirit of the Lord says “it was me.” This presence has protected me from seen and unseen danger into my adulthood.

I am from a large family of ten, six brothers and three beautiful siste. I am numbered as the seventh boy which is God’s number of perfection or completion and the tenth child which is a number of the tithe; the tenth of our earnings belongs to God.

As a child, whenever I would witness my siblings arguing I would just go over in a corner and cry, I never wanted to see my sibling’s conflicting with each other.

Years later while in Primary School I had a few moments where I bullied some of my classmates. It was always a feeling of guilt when I would verbally or physically bully students. However, the journey continues through Junior and High School. To think about it now, it was very conflicting.

During my tenth through twelfth grade year, I got involve in playing basketball and become one of the best High School basketball players in the entire Country.

During my senior year, this was when some transformation began. There was one particular student that I intimidated silently. He was just weak and wanted friends and I took advantage of him. Every other day he would give me a five dollar bill for no apparent reason. My friends thought that he was my friend but I just went along with the game.

One day he came to give me the five dollar bill; I took it and as he was about to walk away my heart melted. I called him and returned his money, I apologized for all the other times I intimidated him and took his money. Ever since that day I made a decision to become an advocate and mediator for persons who are bullied. This is the reason I wrote my first book “The Emotional Pain Bullying Causes”.

The story gets interesting. In my senior year I made a reputable name for myself playing basketball and became “Slinger” the sharp shooter. As a child growing up I always wanted to play collegiate basketball and possibly play in the NBA and I made a lot of preparations until this point. Because of the delicate nature of my actions I won’t go into the full details of the story but because of my actions I received disciplinary action and was dismissed from the basketball team. My dreams and hopes were shattered of ever receiving a basketball scholarship and playing collegiate basketball.

A few months after graduating, I lived in despair and anger with every intent to murder the coach who dismissed me form the basketball team. Every day for three weeks to a month period, I would walk down town with a cutlass in my pants and if I saw him I had every intention to kill him.  I gave up on life and made up my mind to spend the rest of my life in prison. However, the Lord had other plans for my life.

At the end of that summer, I asked my Mom to call another school who expressed interest in me a few years earlier. I hoped and prayed that that window of opportunity did not close; later within that week my mom received a call that I would be given another opportunity thanks to coach Gladstone “Moon” Mcphee.

When I got that news hope returned and anger and despair went for a walk. At the end of the summer, after the emotions of anger and murder left; I finally ran into the coach and we had a meaningful conversation about my future. I always had a high level of respect for him but I felt at that time in my life I was robbed.

While playing the next school year, I won the M.V.P of the Christmas Tournament and average 27 points, 10 rebounds and 5.5 steals in Freeport Bahamas and my best friend Deon Thurston won the M.V.P in the Hugh Campbell Tournament in Nassau Bahamas. We became champions of the High School regular season and both tournaments during that school year.

At the end of the regular season, I signed a Basketball Scholarship to attend Tyler Junior College (TJC) in Texas. Can you imagine the adrenaline? Finally I am going to College to pursue my dreams of playing professional basketball!

As a freshman in College this was not a celebratory event for me. I was plague with excruciating back pains and growing callus on the bottom of my feet and could not play to the best of my ability. Again, I received an unwelcoming report from my head coach that I will not be returning to College because the level of my play was not satisfactory to his standard.

I returned home from just one year in College and again I was devastated, ashamed and felt like I let myself and my family down. While back home I never lost the urge to play Collegiate Basketball and made various attempts to get back to the United States to play. However, every time I tried I would reinjured my back and now my knees. Then I decided that I need to have a talked with God. My life was in shambles, I am supposed to be in college and here I am working on a Security Job, frustrated and angry. While working the grave yard shift (12am – 8am), I began to have this conversation with the Lord. “Lord you gave me this talent to play basketball, what are you saying to me? “Every time I would play I am getting injured, if you don’t want me to play please make it plain to me or else I will continue playing.” In the most kind and gentle voice I heard, “Wayne if you Love me the way you love Basketball you will become a better person.” “Your Priorities are wrong! That night having that conversation I became resolved when it came to basketball. I was never told to stop playing just to get my priorities together.

During this time I started hanging out with criminals, hit men, and robbers. I was lost and didn’t know which direction my life was going. I was introduce to snorting cocaine and was a regular user on the weekends for a short period of time. I started plotting robberies but every time I did, the Lord had an older gentleman among us who intervened and said “you are not going to do that I will do it because you have places to go. He saw something in me I didn’t see in myself.

One weekend I was driving in my car with a sandwich bag of cocaine and six pack of colt 45. I heard this same voice saying “Wayne what are you doing? “You belong to me.” I pulled on the side of the road and emptied everything out.  Early Sunday Morning I walked to Church with the conviction of God so strong on me that even before the service ended without any alter call I walked up to the alter and cried out to the Lord to heal my brokenness.

Even in my faith I still doubted my path. I would always get into deep depression when I thought of what my life could’ve been through Basketball.

One particular day I was home alone, and I began to sink into a deep depression. I walked to the food store and bought a bottle of sleeping pills, walk back home sat in the chair and took every pill in that bottle. The only voice I could hear was the enemy voice at that time. I had no interest in seeing another day, I just wanted it to be over as soon as possible. I was not connected to my purpose and my life was unfulfilling. To my surprise nothing happen. I am a living witness that God is real and his word will not return to him void, it will accomplish what he wants.

As I began to consciously fight depression I started to gain control of my life. I took control over my mind and began to speak to it every time depression showed up. I was determine to win, I fasted and prayed that God would deliver me from this evil spirit. As I began to take control of my mind and my life, the Lord impressed upon my heart to attend Rhema Bible College in Oklahoma to prepare for the Ministry he has called me to. It was an amazing and transformational experience for me to be taught about faith by one of the greatest faith and Bible teachers the late Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin. Because of my talent of playing basketball Rhema ask me if I would consider playing for their team. After prayers and consultation I consented. We went on to win the Championship that year. After graduation I returned home and faithfully served in my local assembly. Years later I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel and serves as the Assistant and Youth Pastor at The Wholeman Christian Center in Freeport Grand Bahama.

I am presently the founder of a Government  Non- Profit Organization Family Empowerment Youth Mentoring Organization in Freeport Bahamas. I am an Author of a book The Emotional Pain Bullying Causes, you can find on and ten other e-books/ study guides through Apex Youth Resources on

Today I am presently employed with Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy where I function as the Guidance Counselor.  I am a sought after speaker for Schools and Churches across the Island, Conference host, Mentor and Counselor.

I thought my significance would come through playing Basketball. However, I began to live when I became conscious and embraced my God given assignment, which is uplifting the spirit of broken people, and helping others find their Significance so they can positively influence their environment. I owe my life to the Lord Jesus Christ and have dedicated myself to his service. I once was blind but know I see. God has delivered me from the Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of his dear son .

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I believe that every human being on the planet is created to be a part of a Resolution Mechanism. When this is realize , the true leader emerges and your Significance is born.

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  1. Glory be to God for keeping and delivering my brother! Amen& Amen.
    May God grant you all the right connection you need.

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